Backbench currently supports BBLANG v1.0.0.

As backench is a FAAS with integrated APIGATEWAY. BBLANG functions (public ones) can be mapped directly with API endpoints.

Functions can be of two types - Public, Private. Difference exist here that public are accessible to APIs while other is not.

//For public function `foo:bar` accesible to backbench endpoints
//and other functions
//do things here
//For private function `bar`, accesible to other functions only
//do things here

Standard libaries shipped with BBLANG

To learn more about BBLANG visit


Create a module on backbench and paste the code.

"Halo by JLO"

Now, go to endpoints section, click on plus button - choose relative URI for API and then in dropdown select hello:world.

Open curl and browser, hit on the the API. You will see a "Halo".